Torino, Italia



Some years ago, a friend mentioned it.

First time I’d heard of it.

He was from there and was going back.

‘If you ever find yourself there’ he told me.

 ‘How on Earth would I find myself there?’ I thought.

I smiled, and I forgot about it.

Years later, I was living in Rome.

‘I found a new job’ my boyfriend told me.

‘In Torino’ he added.

‘I have a friend there’ I said.

Turns out, I found myself there.


*Taken from Monte dei Cappuccini

8 thoughts on “Torino, Italia

  1. Wow! I like that poem.
    Btw I too blog @ The Confessions Of A Music And Book Addict and would appreciate some support!
    Stay Safe!
    Prutha xoxo

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