Dublin, Ireland


First Irish experience:

Temple Bar, River Liffey…

Christ Church Cathedral, National Botanic Gardens…

And an accent quite hard to understand

But most importantly – a trip between you and me

Mother and daughter

We needed that time together

We needed some time off everything

So Dad stayed at home to watch the dog

We just left

And we came back closer than ever

When shall we do it again?


*The Temple Bar taken from Essex St E


London, England


Sometimes, you take a picture without paying attention.

You see vaguely something nice, take out your camera or phone, and click.

The street, the people you are with, the other beautiful things around you:

You are distracted by it all.

And when you go through your photographs, you smile.

Wonderful surprises were waiting to be discovered.

Like this picture of Saint James’s park I took a while back.

I clicked quickly, and turned to face Buckingham Palace.

Later, I discovered this lovely couple contemplating that same park.

Holding hands and in love, in the middle of my photograph.

Giving it something even more special.


*Taken from outside Saint James’s park


Venezia, Italia


Heart tightening in my chest, tears at the corner of my eyes.

No doubt – I am leaving Venice.

Actually, I am leaving Italy.

In a few days I’ll be back to reality.

And I realise that it is going to be harder than I thought.

I just didn’t expect to…

…fall in love.

I decide to calm down and simply enjoy the view.

And I promise myself that it’s only a goodbye.

Believe me:

I’ll be back.


*Taken from the boat leading to the train station


Verona, Italia


“Shall we do something crazy?”

Running, laughing, jumping in a train.

Last minute trip.

Romeo and Juliet.

And like them, like Shakespeare described it –

Love at first sight.

Our friendship has never been stronger.

We even promised each other a forever on Juliet’s wall.

Risotto, coffee, and already we have to leave.

Running, laughing, jumping in a train.

We will always remember that day.

That day we did something crazy.


*Arena di Verona taken from Piazza Bra


London, England


You stand in front of me.

Tall and impressive.

You take my breath away.

My mind goes blank.


A meeting I will never forget.

Far better than expected.

Your beauty makes my eyes sparkle.

Your voice gives me shivers.


It’s been a dream for years.

A crazy thought.

But finally here I am.

And here you are.


*Big Ben taken from Westminster Bridge Road


New York City, United States of America


A fast walk. A desire to discover something new. A dream about to come true.

Suddenly, trees appear in the distance. The walk then becomes a race.

A feeling of joy. Of happiness.

Once arrived, a snow-covered landscape.


A heartbeat that accelerates. Hands shaking from excitement. Cheeks flushed by all the effort and amazement.

And then the wish to stay on this very spot forever.

The wish not to ever leave this place.


*Central Park taken from 59th street


Köln, Deutschland


On a bridge, somewhere in Germany, love is definitely in the air.

I can imagine all these cute little couples hanging their locks, hands shaking, promising to love each other forever.

Some couples might still be together, they might even have taken steps forward in their relationship.

Some might have broken up and moved on from that moment of their life.

But in any case, it reminds us an important thing:

Love is strong.

As strong as a lock.


* Taken on the Hohenzollern Bridge