For those who don’t know, the Basque Country is a region in the western Pyrenees that spans the border between France and Spain on the Atlantic coast.

The French Basque Country – it can also be called the Northern Basque Country – is part of this region and is located in the South-West of France.

One of my aunts owns a small but very cute flat in the French Basque Country (I told you I was a lucky girl!) So I’ve spent many summers over there, enjoying the beautiful weather, the beach being only a few steps away, and the very close and easy access to Spain.

Cities to visit


If you like to pay a ridiculously high amount of money for a coke in a bar facing the ocean, that’s the place to go to! It is the city where you can see famous people on holidays, beautiful surfers trying to catch a wave – and all of this while tanning on a terrace.

So, yes! It’s an expensive city where it’s nearly impossible to find a parking space. But trust me it’s worth it! Because it is truly a wonderful city. Probably one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever been to!


A city where you feel good, a city that makes you want to stay there forever. When I go there, what do I do? I go to the outdoor supermarket to buy amazing organic products, I enjoy an art exhibition in the little but very much alive square, I go check out the boats in the port, I buy a few English books in a cute bookshop owned by nice Australian people…

It’s pure heaven.


A long and beautiful beach, healthy and good restaurants, an incredible thalassatherapy centre held by a former rugby man. This is the place to go to relax and feel good! No need to say more.

Facts about the French Basque Country

  • Basque people are very attached to their culture

They have their own architecture, their own language, their own sports… Well, actually they have their own way of life! And they wouldn’t trade it for the world. They want to keep their identity and culture, and I admire that a lot.

  • Everybody goes to Spain

When I mean everybody, I mean everybody. The border is literally 5 minutes away. And because everything is cheaper in Spain, Basque people cross that border regularly to go to the supermarket, to buy petrol and cigarettes, and to enjoy the very interesting sales that take place several times a year.

  • Better walk than drive

It might sound crazy, but in the summer the population can triple! So if you are by car, get ready to spend half your days stuck in traffic. But if you want to ditch your car and do some exercise, there are many walks that you can do. And boy, get ready to be amazed! The beaches, the mountains, the cliffs – everything is absolutely breathtaking and worth seeing.

So, what do you guys think of the French Basque Country? Would you like to go there on holidays?