If you didn’t know it yet, I am a bit of a germaphobe. It means that I am well aware of all the germs around me, and basically spend my life avoiding or killing those germs with the help of my best friend called Sanitizer.

Public Transport

Take a bunch of people and put them together in a confined place. You have the recipe of germaphobes worst nightmare right there.

Some people cough in their hands, some pick their nose, others eat… Did they even have their hands clean before hopping in? Who knows? And one after the other, they proudly touch the poles.

Oh, the poles. What I avoid like the plague.

Personal experience

In the tube or in the bus, I have a simple trick not to touch those disgusting poles. I basically wait for the public transport to stop completely before making a move to the door. That way I don’t have to touch anything to go out.

But of course, sometimes you just can’t avoid the poles.

  • When you go upstairs in the bus

If you don’t want to die, you have no choice but to hold on to something. It happens to me all the time as I prefer going upstairs – there is more space and the view is better. When in that situation, I take out my sanitizer as soon as I’m sitting down!

  • When the tube is packed

Imagine: there are so many people in the tube that you have to squeeze through to have a ridiculously tiny space. You can barely breathe and you are warm as hell before the doors even closed. And by that time, you know you’ll have to touch a pole if you don’t want to miserably fall on somebody. So you do grab one, and you try your best not to look horrified.

Worst public transport stories

I’ve seen my fair share of awful things to see in public transport. Here are the worst ones:

Once, I was in the bus and there was a couple with two young kids. The baby girl let her dummy fall down and the dad picked it up when leaving the bus. After picking it up, he put it in his own mouth! I mean – why would you do that? The dummy was in your kid’s mouth, then on the floor for five minutes, and you think it’s a good idea to put that thing in your mouth? No.

Still in the bus, I remember this one time when I saw a woman picking her nose, and putting what she found in there on the seat next to her. I honestly feel sick just thinking about that woman. And the person who sat there next. And that woman touching the poles, obviously!

I kept the worst for the end. One day, I entered one of the many tube carriages and there was shit everywhere – literally. It was horrible. I don’t even want to know what, or how, or why that happened. I just want to forget about it!

What about you guys? Any stories about public transport that you would like to share?