Are you old at 25? – Absolutely not!

Is it wrong to be single? – Hell no!

Is there a problem with being childless? – Of course not!

None of those three things are unusual, or strange. And yet when you find yourself in that position, people start asking questions. They automatically think that something must be wrong with you.

And that’s not really their fault. They act like that because our society tells us that we are supposed to do things in a certain way, and in a certain order.

Society’s plan

  1. Graduate from university
  2. Find a good job
  3. Meet a special someone
  4. Move in with that special someone
  5. Have kids

Lots of people follow that path. They are apparently okay with following a plan that somebody else wrote for them. And don’t get me wrong: if everything happens to them in that order and they are happy, then it’s great!

But it’s not my case.

Personal experience

I’m not a follower. To be fair, I really don’t like people telling me what to do. And when they do, I actually take great pleasure to do the opposite of what they are telling me!

What if I don’t want to go on that particular path? What if it’s not what I want and I have other plans for myself? What if I want to be different?

I’m only 25 and people already bother me with the “what’s next?” or “when are you going to settle down?” questions.

Really? I mean – really?

The truth is, people don’t care if you are happy. They only want to know if you are going to follow the plan. And if you don’t, they look at you like they feel sorry for you. Or they try to comfort you with a “don’t worry, you are going to find that special someone one day”.

Worry? Who said I was worried? Sorry to disappoint, but finding my special someone is not my priority.

My own plan

  1. Follow my dreams
  2. Be happy and have fun no matter what
  3. Travel, travel, travel
  4. Learn lots of new things
  5. Enjoy the people I care about

Be yourself

I think the most important thing in life is just to be yourself. Life is complicated and short enough – what’s the point if you don’t do what you want to do?

The problem in our society is that we are all supposed to be the same. The plan doesn’t allow you to want different things, and it makes you ashamed of your choices.

Well, we shouldn’t be ashamed of anything! We should be proud of who we are.


Stop feeling sorry for us and stop trying to fix us. Stop thinking that we are sad, suicidal, or whatever you think about people that are different from you.

Ask us if we are happy, and if we are, just be happy for us!


What about you guys? What is your plan? Have you ever experienced these kind of situations?