I’ve seen lots of bloggers posting about what they have in their bag and I find the idea very interesting. So, I guess it’s my turn?

What kind of bag?

I have many bags: it’s kind of one of my favourite things!

I have 7 bags here in London, and I would say a good 10 more in France… I know, I know. It’s probably too many bags for one person, but I can’t help it!

It goes from the useful bags like backpacks, to fancy ones to go out partying. But most of the bags I own are everyday life bags – quite big to put all my stuff in it, practical, and beautiful!

I am a true believer that it’s important to always have a choice. And in order to have a choice, you need different sizes, shapes, and colours!

The bag that I’ve been using the most lately is my black Longchamp. It’s impressive all the things that can fit in there! This kind of bag can be quite expensive, but because I am a lucky girl, I got it from a friend for only 40 euros! She didn’t want it anymore and was willing to abandon it – I like to think of myself as its saviour.

What is in my bag?

  • My wallet

Of course, it’s THE item that never leaves me. And there is more in it than just my money: I have my ID card, my driver’s license, my travel card, some French stamps that I keep because they are too beautiful to use, and lots of cards from the shops I like! My personal favourites are the cards from Holland & Barrett, Boots, Paperchase, Monsoon/Accessorize, and Waterstones.

I bought my wallet from Desigual. I simply love the colours!

  • Hand sanitizer

My hand sanitizer is my best friend. I always have one with me. And if I don’t have one, I just freak out! I am a bit of a germaphobe so I need to have this instant germ killer to save me from outside threats, at all times.

I usually buy my hand sanitizers from Boots. I always take the ones said to kill 99% of bacteria, and try not to think about the remaining percent!

  • Umbrella

Here’s another thing that rarely leaves my bag. Because I live in London, it’s kind of a necessity. You never know when the next raindrops are going to fall!

I bought my umbrella from Paperchase. I have an obsession with owls!

  • Reusable bag

I take a reusable bag with me pretty much everywhere. Unplanned shopping happens a lot and it’s nice not to have to pay for a plastic bag every time. And it is also good for our planet! I don’t need more to think that it is a very important item.

I bought my reusable bag from Paperchase. Same pattern as my umbrella!

  • Notebook + pencil + highlighter

I just started carrying a notebook accompanied by a pencil and a highlighter. And it literally changed my life! Now every time that I have to take the bus, or wait for someone: I write. When the public transport and the waiting irritate me – the writing makes me happy. So now I am always in a good mood!

I bought my notebook, pencil, and highlighter from Ryman. I went for the cheapest shop for once!

  •  Beauty bag

In that bag I put the essential things that I might need when I’m outside: a lipstick and a lip balm, a mirror/hair brush, plasters, a rubber band, pain killers, a nail file, chewing gums, and tissues. So many essential things!

  • Phone

I think it’s no surprise: my phone follows my everywhere!

  • Sunglasses

Finally, my season favourite! I don’t always have my sunglasses with me, but from now on and until the end of the beautiful days – they will be.

I bought my sunglasses from Debenhams.