Summer 2015

I am lucky to have a really good friend, here in London, who is from the North of Italy. Of course, I didn’t hesitate when she invited me to go there during the summer!

So last August I spent a week in the famous region of Veneto. It was such an amazing trip!

The people, the culture, the language, the weather – I loved everything. And I was barely back home that I already wanted to go back.

The cities I’ve visited

  • Conegliano

Conegliano was the closest big city from where we were staying. We made more than one trip there: we visited the castle, took the train, and dropped lots of times to our favourite pasticceria and gelateria.

  • Verona

We didn’t really plan to go to Verona. One day, when eating a nice Italian meal on a terrace, my friend looked at me and said: “shall we do something crazy?” And we did. We went to the train station and asked where the next train was leaving to. When the guy at the ticket office said Verona, all I could think about was Shakespeare and Romeo & Juliet! No need to say that we literally jumped in that train.

  • Venice

Of course we went to Venice! And again I am very lucky – my friend studied for some time in Venice, and we met with one of her friends that still lives there. Forget the touristic things to do in Venice: I saw the real Venice, tasted the real Venice, and heard stories of the real Venice.

Facts about Italy

  • The architecture is absolutely incredible
  • Being late is a way of life
  • Italian problem solver: gelato
  • Italians can be old-fashioned and close-minded
  • The food is to die for
  • Coffee is sacred

What I think about Italy

I think you understood that I had a great time in Italy and that I really enjoyed my trip. But to be completely honest, that trip was more than just great. It was perfect. It was everything I was expecting – and even more.

I literally fell in love with this country. So much that I started to learn Italian. So much that I have a post-it on my wall with the next Italian cities I want to go to. So much that I started to have an addiction with who I now call the Italian Gods.

The other main reason I want to go back to Italy is: the food! Oh My God, the food! It is a tiny bit painful to say that as a French girl – but I think I’ve never eaten so well in my life before. The ice-cream, the pasta, the pizza, the pastries… I’ve tried it all and everything was mind-blowing!

My all-time favourite: the risotto all’Amarone that I had in Verona.


The next cities to visit

Like I said, I have written down the next Italian places I want to visit. Here’s a look at my list:

Burano, Tuscany, Rome, Naples, Marina di Ragusa

What about you guys, have you ever been to Italy? Where would you like to go?