Have you ever thought about it?

I mean: how cool would that be to date Superman!


Superman, Clark Kent, Kal-El, the Man of Steel: this guy has many names.

Coming from another planet, he’s definitely seen as the foreign God type of guy. But because he was raised in a farm in the middle of nowhere in Kansas, he’s really down to earth (word play not intended!)

He’s tall, very handsome, good with words, and what seems to be a pioneer in the “big black glasses” fashion. He’s also incredibly smart, has a huge saviour complex, and has a thing for costumes.


Superman has many extraordinary abilities. And those abilities would definitely make him boyfriend material!

Super-strength: Let’s face it, we all want a strong man who would be able to protect us. Now, I am actually not like other girls and usually claim that I don’t need the protection of a man – but if Superman was available, I wouldn’t say no to that!

Flight: The Bahamas? San Francisco? Santorini? You name the place you want to go to and Superman will just take you there! It’s a fast and cheap way to travel, and it’s probably safer (and way more enjoyable!) to fly in Superman’s arms than next to a smelly and/or weird person in a confined aeroplane.

Super-speed: Are you tired of cleaning, cooking, running errands..? Superman is your man! He can do everything faster than you and without even breaking a sweat. And something tells me that he’s so nice that he wouldn’t complain about it like any other guy would!

Heat vision: Forget freezing temperatures, you’ll never be cold ever again!

Super-intelligence: A guy who is hot AND smart – I don’t really need to say more except that it would be a dream come true for all of us, am I right?


Between his saviour complex and your hero fetish – Superman and you are just made for each other.

He would literally dedicate his life to save you and make you happy by using his incredible powers. And you would obviously be head over heels for him. The two of you would be so close to being the perfect couple that it would scare you.

Bottom line:

I have been watching too many episodes of Smallville in a row! And now I ended up with a crush on Superman (or to be more exact, a crush on Tom Welling who plays Clark Kent in the TV show.)

So I am going to follow my own advice on how to deal with a crush (=> Click here for the advice) and I am going to go back to reality as quickly as possible!