There is no denying: we are very different people during winter or summer.

Being in spring right now, we can literally feel the habits, lifestyles, and people in general changing. Everybody tries to adapt to this new beautiful season ahead.

Here are a few things that we all do when summer is coming.

  • Where are my sunglasses?

With the sun finally here, one of our first reflexes is to go out with some nice sunglasses. They protect our eyes and they are a fashionable item as well. This year, I’ve honestly turned my bedroom upside down before finding the ones bought the year before. Why I thought my nail polish box was a good place to put my sunglasses will stay a mystery!

  • Missing socks

Any time of the year, we are used to socks mysteriously disappearing. But when the beautiful days arrive, you don’t need to worry about it anymore. No socks to wash if you don’t wear socks! I’ve been weirdly happy to find out my socks were back to being safe in their drawer.

  • Colourful nails

Dark colours are not welcome on our nails anymore! We want light and bright colours like red, pink, green, blue – my favourite nail polish for spring is the mint colour one. Our feet even get some, just because they deserve to be beautiful too when they are finally out in the fresh air.

  • The hair hunt is on

It’s a war that never really stops, unfortunately. But it gets definitely worse when summer arrives! Like they say: one must suffer to be beautiful. And apparently it includes wasting hours of our lives to exterminate something that shouldn’t have been put there in the first place.

  • The drunken times

Yes, when you think summer, you think alcohol – barbecues with friends, day out on the beach, festivals, parties… At each occasion, you wouldn’t mind to share a nice refreshing cocktail with your friends.

  • Shopping excuse

When the temperatures are getting higher, you don’t want to see your big jumpers facing you every morning. So you put them at the back of your wardrobe and put your cute little tops and dresses up front. But in doing so (and after a ridiculous amount of time trying on every summer clothes you own), you realise that you have not enough clothes… I am myself missing some nice shorts to go with my tops!

  • Summer dreams

A few months away from the summer holidays of course you start thinking about where you could go. You spend hours online, searching for good websites, looking for nice destinations. You lose yourself scrolling through hundreds of idyllic pictures. And then you remember that you are broke.

  • The swimsuit test

At some point, you decide that you are finally ready to try on your swimsuit. Of course, you end up not being really happy with the results. You instantly think about what you could do to lose a little weight before putting this swimsuit in public. But then you get real: it is too late to do anything about it now, and you don’t really want to anyway!

Crazy times, huh? Let me know if you have the same habits or if you have some other ones you’d like to share!