It’s amazing all the different people you can meet in a pub in London. It can go from businessmen coming after work for a beer, to guys fighting because they are completely drunk.

One of my favourite hobbies is actually to watch people. I find it really enlightening and funny to watch the people around me. I could spend hours just doing that, especially when in company of someone who likes to do the same!

So last Sunday night, I entered one of the best pubs I know in Camden Town, grabbed a beer at the bar, and sat down on a very comfy couch with a friend. We were supposed to stay there for just a drink, but we ended up ordering dinner and watching people all night. The crowd of this pub was too good!

  • The super drunk guy

He was at the back of the pub, close to where we were sitting. He was obviously drunk as he could barely stand up by himself. He was loud, and he spent most of the night showing his love to his friends. At some point, he got up to go outside to smoke – he then had a one-on-one moment with the chair in front of him, and when he realised that the chair wasn’t going to move by itself, he threw it away across the pub!

  • The guy in the dragon costume

Yes, you read correctly. There was a ginger hair guy, with a fringe like Joan of Arc, wearing a dragon costume! He didn’t do anything special, but I admire the fact that he went out and showed everyone his lovely costume and personality.

  • The guy who follows his “pray”

Basically the guy we kept an eye on the whole night. He literally invited himself at a girls table and followed one of them everywhere she was going. The poor girl couldn’t even go to the bar by herself. The guy seemed completely harmless though – he just wanted company I guess?

  • The people making out

At first they were actually “the people on a date”. But it escalated quickly. We were really rooting for them! We watched those two shy people talking, getting closer, laughing, and finally kissing each other. We were so happy. Then of course they started a mouth-to-mouth session, so we decided to turn our attention to some new people.

  • The Italian Gods

At some point we got distracted by Italian guys sitting on the booth next to us. First glance: “they are cute!” Second glance: “which one is your favourite?” Third glance: “OMG they are looking at us!” And then we heard that they were Italians. By that time we were literally staring at them and smiling like idiots.

Bottom line:

It is lots of fun to go to a pub: you get to drink, the food is usually good, and you get to meet all sorts of people that you wouldn’t pay attention to anywhere else!