My personal number

So apparently, I have 9 lipsticks just for myself!

Some might say it’s too much, some might say that it is a ridiculous number. But I am actually quite happy about it.

Different brands, different colours – it’s important to have a choice in life. And it goes for everything.

I am very fond of lipstick and rarely go out without some nice colours on my lips. Every time I put some on, I feel pretty and fresh and all grown-up!

What lipsticks?

  • MAYBELLINE super stay 24 color – raspberry / roaring rose / red passion
  • MAYBELLINE color sensational cream gloss – red love
  • DIOR dior addict gloss – iconic red
  • YVES ROCHER moisturizing cream lipstick – poppy red
  • ESTEE LAUDER pure color long lasting lipstick – tiger eye / candy / pink parfait

My favourites

I have 9 different lipsticks but let’s face it: I only use a few of them regularly – 3 to be exact!

The raspberry, roaring rose, and red passion from MAYBELLINE super stay are definitely my favourites. The colours are amazing and they DO stay on your lips for 24 hours.

I was a bit sceptical at first about how long it would really stay – I mean, I am sure I am not the only one who bought some promising lipstick, and ended up having nothing left after one drink. Don’t get me wrong: it can be convenient to find your glass among the other ones when it’s full of your lipstick (especially when you are a germaphobe like me!) But it’s not really what we are looking for when buying a beauty product like a lipstick, is it?

But forget the scepticism: it really works!

You can drink and eat as much as you want, you can kiss someone: at the end of the day your lipstick is still going to be your best friend.

Funny stories about that brand

Trust me, I get pretty pissed because of false advertisement: but MAYBELLINE should change the name of that lipstick to “super stay 24 and beyond”:

One morning – after a big and long party of heavy drinking – I called my parents on Skype as it was some kind of special occasion. I can still hear my mum telling me “how sweet of you to have put some make up on to celebrate with us”. That’s when I realised that I still had my lipstick on from the night before!

Another time – I was getting ready to go out to some friend’s house. I was dressed and decided to put my lovely raspberry lipstick. But the problem was: the colour of the lipstick didn’t match my clothes at all! After trying – in vain – to take off the colour from my lips for a good 5 minutes, I decided that the only solution was to change clothes.

Can you imagine? How crazy is all that?

I challenge you to find a better lipstick than that!


If I convinced you to use that lipstick from MAYBELLINE – you will need some good make up remover. I personally take it off with some coconut oil. It’s quick, easy, and gentle for your lips!

(If you want to know more about coconut oil => click here)