I open my curtains and admire the sun taking over my bedroom. It’s been so long since I’ve seen him that I want to go out immediately. I need the fresh air and the vitamin D, I decide.

Walking in the park, I come across many different people: young parents with a brand new buggy, grandparents on babysitting duties, dog owners, people jogging… They are all here for the same reasons I am.

They all inspire me as I am walking alongside them.

The weather changes. Hoods are being put on. Some people start running to escape the rain that is becoming stronger each second. I keep walking, smiling. I hate the rain, especially when mixed with wind, but I couldn’t care less.

I walk on a little bridge to cross the pond. The rain is making me cold. People hide under trees, but I keep going. For the first time, I realise how much my life has changed since I admitted that writing was my passion and my goal as a career. I feel like someone who can’t go out without being inspired by the people and situations anymore. I feel like writing about everything and everyone around me any chance I get.

I finally feel like a writer.

Thunderstorm. I jump in surprise. I look in my bag, but my umbrella is definitely not an option. The trees are not safe enough. So I keep walking under the rain, tensing at each sound the sky makes. Where am I going? It doesn’t matter anymore.

The rain continues but the sun is back. I am looking at the sky to spot the upcoming rainbow. But it gets cloudy again and I can’t find it. I am completely frozen. The dogs barking, the kids having fun in the playground, the birds singing, the people hurrying up to protect themselves from the raindrops: it all makes me feel alive and out of this world at the same time.

I don’t care about my make up that might run down my cheeks, or my messy and wet hair. All that matters is writing down what I am feeling and experiencing at this very moment. My cold fingers are making it hard for me to type the words on my phone, but I can’t stop.

The rain seems to take a break, the sun is back, and it gets suddenly very hot. My scarf is big and warm and I am suffocating. “He can’t make up his mind today!” tells a man passing next to me with his dog. “I know, right?” I respond.

“What a beautiful day” I whisper to myself, still smiling.