The weather in London

I can already hear you all: “London is rainy”; “It rains all the time in London”;               bla bla bla!

Let’s be honest here – it is kind of true.

It rains quite often. But it is usually this kind of drizzle that doesn’t last for long. Of course, sometimes we also have proper rainfalls that seem to last forever – those ones are just awful!

But when you start doing some research on the weather here, you realise that it is not that bad. Actually: there is less precipitation in London than in places like Rome, Naples, Bordeaux, Toulouse, or even Sydney!

Can you believe it?

Umbrella or not umbrella?

I don’t usually use an umbrella. Don’t get me wrong, I always have mine waiting to be open in my tote bag – I mean, it is London after all! But I find that dealing with an umbrella can be a bit tricky.

  • First: be careful of the wind

I think I broke 2 or 3 umbrellas before learning my lesson. People always warn you about the rain in London, but what they should really warn you about is the wind! Don’t even get me started on when it’s rainy AND windy – it’s a pure disaster!

  • Second: busy pavements

Now this is important to know: you can’t just open your umbrella, hold it and hope for best! You need to pay attention to the many other people walking alongside you on the pavement. Because it becomes very easy to hurt someone or get hurt yourself, when the people’s personal space has been increased by pointy umbrellas.

  • Third: missing umbrella

I think I am not the only who forgot an umbrella somewhere. It’s like a rite of passage that everyone has to go through at some point in their life! When you use your umbrella, try to keep it with you at all times. But of course, don’t stare at your umbrella like your life depends on it – otherwise you will just look like a crazy person (trust me I know!)

The dance of the umbrella

Let’s face it: lots of umbrella users don’t care about being careful and paying attention to the other people. Most of them – either carrying medium size or huge umbrellas – are quite dangerous as they act like they are alone. So basically, you need to avoid them not to get hurt!

That’s when the dance of the umbrella begins: you are going to lift up your umbrella, then pull it back down, while you keep leaning on the right and on the left at the same time. And then you are going to start again!

Bottom line:

You need to be careful, pay attention, and be at least a little bit good at dancing, if you ever want to survive on a busy London pavement with this weapon called an umbrella.

Me: I found the perfect solution! I wear clothes with hoods, duck my head to avoid being hit, and I pray very hard to run between the raindrops!