Coconut oil has been proven to have MANY health benefits.

Being a big consumer of this product myself – it’s healthy, good, helpful and natural: I would be crazy not to like it! – I wanted to talk about it, and maybe convince you that it is the product you’ve been missing all these years.

What kind of coconut oil?

First, you need to know what kind of coconut oil to choose:

I use Fushi’s virgin and organic coconut oil. It is unrefined and cold pressed for a better quality and efficacy. It is also free from any artificial chemicals and is not tested on animals – which is a pretty big deal to me.

Benefits of coconut oil:

  • Whiter teeth, cavity prevention, better breath

Let’s be honest here: we all want to find THE product that is going to keep us away from the dentist. Well, you found it!

Put some coconut oil on a teaspoon and leave it in your mouth for a good 15 minutes. When the 15 minutes are up, spit in your rubbish bin (the coconut oil might solidify again and block up the drain of your sink), rinse your mouth with warm salt water, and brush your teeth as usual.

  • Hydrated skin

If you have a dry skin like me – I blame the hard water that we have here in London! – then you might want to stop using your not-so-natural-creams and try coconut oil instead.

Rub the coconut oil in your hands to warm it up, and use it as a body lotion after your shower. Do it regularly. It will also help against the stretch marks and/or cellulite you might have!

  • Makeup remover

I was a bit sceptical about that one, I have to say. But it works! More than that: it works without aggressing your skin or your eyes. And the coconut oil is also known as an antibacterial and non-comedogenic product, which makes it the perfect product for skin with imperfections/skin with acneic tendency.

Put some coconut oil on a cotton pad and gently rub your face. Even waterproof makeup won’t resist!

  • Stronger and healthier nails

Rub your nails with the coconut oil daily. No need to say more!

  • Healthy and shiny hair

Again: how wonderful to have a natural and effective product that will do the same work as a professional, but cheaper and without going out!

If you have dry hair or frizzy hair, you HAVE TO try coconut oil.

Put a little bit of coconut oil on your skull and length (not too much or your hair will become greasy – and nobody wants that!), and leave it on for an hour. Better to wrap your hair into a hair turban towel, not to stain anything. After an hour, wash your hair and admire the results. When done regularly, this hair mask can even stop hair loss!


I think I made my point: coconut oil is the product you NEED to have and use. It’s effective, natural, and cheap. Let’s not be afraid of words: it’s PERFECT.

So – now that you know everything that is to know about coconut oil: let’s use it!


Bonus: You can even use coconut oil for your cooking!

It can easily replace butter and oil that are – let’s face it – not so good for our health. Just don’t forget to add it when the other ingredients are at room temperature: otherwise it will solidify again!